Radar to guide you to Meetups with your friends.

Self-Guiding Radar App that lets you find family & friends in crowds and locate marked spots easily, privately and securely, in areas and situations where maps are impractical or nonexistent.

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Amazing Features

ApproachMe® is a live, Self-Guiding Radar™ (SGR) app that makes it easy, private and fun to find family & friends in crowds such as in shopping malls, festivals, concerts, sporting events, parking lots, amusement parks, or wherever maps are impractical or nonexistent. The Radar is optimized for use outdoors.

Find Each Other

You can send a request to a family member or a friend. Once they accept, you will be able to use the live, Self-Guiding Radar to find each other even if everyone is moving. This eliminates the frustration of having to wait for others to arrive at a fixed location, not knowing when they will get there. The app will alert you once they are in your vicinity, so you will be able to easily locate each other using the Radar.

Mark This Spot

You can mark the spot where you are, i.e. where you park your car or a favorite booth at a festival, so you can easily walk back to it using our Self-Guiding Radar™ (SGR).

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About Us

Advantages of ApproachMe’s Live Self-Guiding Radar (SGR):

1. Eliminates the frustration of waiting around for others to arrive at a fixed location. With ApproachMe®, you can determine exactly how far away everyone is, and you will be instantly notified once they are in close proximity.

2. Once you and your friends accept the Meetup request, you will be able to find each other using our Self-Guiding Radar, whether you are standing still or moving around. This allows you the freedom to walk around to a different location without fear of losing sight of each other.

3. You’ll never have to text or call, “Where are you?!” ever again. Our Radar constantly updates, allowing you to easily find each other. In noisy, crowded areas like concerts or fairs, calls may not be heard and reception may be poor, thus making communication very difficult. Our Radar works in the background, so users do not have to be actively checking their phones at all times.

Maps or navigation systems will get you to the event, ApproachMe® will help you find each other once you are there!

* Although our Radar can be used everywhere, it has been optimized for outdoor use such as at a concert, sporting event, fair, amusement park or downtown.

Identity and Privacy Protection Features:

We do NOT ask for any private information. We only verify your phone number via text to ensure security and credibility. All you need is a screen name and any profile photo to use the app.

We never display a map location or physical address of where you or your friends are. Our Radar will guide you to each other without the need for any map or physical location.

No one will ever find your location or locate you without your permission for each session. Each session expires automatically even if you forget to delete it.

Your contact list is only used by you to send requests to your family & friends, so you can easily and privately find each other.

Your actual physical location is never revealed and never displayed on a map. The live Radar will show your direction and distance, and guide you straight to your Meetup.


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